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We are the impact-first strategic investment arm of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Strategic Initiative Fund aligns health innovations globally.
We align innovation
We back game-changing developments across our focus domains — whether life sciences, healthcare delivery, agriculture and nutrition, or financial services — to improve lives.
The Strategic Investment Fund scales impact by providing global access to tech in places with limited digital infrastructure.
We scale impact
We shape and scale breakthrough business models and technology innovations to accelerate sustainable impact.
The Strategic Investment Fund catalyzes markets to provide marginalized countries & people with access to education, capital, and more.
We catalyze markets

We overcome market obstacles with financial tools like volume guarantees, structured financing, debt, and venture capital to activate solutions where impact is most needed.

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Featured companies



Mobile money customers



Credit scores generated, unlocking US$2B+ credit for women


Sanofi inactivated polio vaccine doses delivered to Gavi countries
Unicef for every child


Life-saving food courses delivered through creative financing

Impact stories

The Strategic Investment Fund finances monoclonal antibody drug advancement.

Developing monoclonal antibodies for global health

Theoretically, monoclonal antibodies hold huge potential for safe and highly effective new global health products. Our investment attempted to turn theory into product within this emerging class of drugs.
The Strategic Investment Fund is advancing the digitization of cash economies.

Digitizing payments
in a cash economy

When a mobile payments platform in Bangladesh achieved product-market-fit, our investment helped it scale in low-income, rural areas.
The Strategic Investment Fund is financing small agribusiness in Africa.

Financing small agribusinesses in Africa

Working capital is critical for the small and growing agribusinesses/cooperatives that facilitate smallholder farmers’ access to markets.