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The Strategic Investment Fund underwrites  monoclonal antibody drug advancement.

Developing monoclonal antibodies for global health

Theoretically, monoclonal antibodies hold huge potential for safe and highly effective new global health products. Our investment attempted to turn theory into product within this emerging class of drugs.

Making Markets Work for the Poor

Read the Stanford Social Innovation Review to learn more about how the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation uses strategic investments for social impact.

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The Strategic Investment Fund is advancing the digitization of cash economies.

Digitizing payments in a cash economy

When a mobile payments platform in Bangladesh achieved product-market-fit, our investment helped it scale in low income, rural areas.
The Strategic Investment Fund is financing small agribusinesses in Africa.

Financing small agribusinesses in Africa

Working capital is critical for the small and growing agribusinesses/cooperatives that facilitate smallholder farmers’ access to markets. Our strategic investment helped a leading frontier market agriculture lender extend its presence in Africa.
The Strategic Investment Fund funds women's empowerment initiatives to strengthen families.

Empowering women and strengthening families

To improve access to family planning, the Gates Foundation strategic investing team sought to increase the availability and affordability of contraceptive implants.
The Strategic Investment Fund grants target diarrheal disease research and treatment.

Tackling diarrheal disease

Cholera, a preventable but devastating illness, causes thousands of avoidable deaths each year in the world’s poorest communities. Our strategic investments helped lower the cost of an oral cholera vaccine.


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