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What We Do

The private sector is developing some of the most promising and innovative solutions to today’s global problems. Unfortunately, markets don’t always work well for the poor, as companies have little incentive to develop products for people who can’t afford them. Therefore, we partner with entrepreneurs, companies, and other organizations to create incentives that harness the power of private enterprise to create change for those who need it most. In connection with our investments, companies agree to use the investment proceeds in support of specific foundation programmatic strategies.

We know every investment is unique, and our team approaches each opportunity with the right tools to achieve long-term, measurable success.

We leverage a suite of tools, including:

  • Direct Equity Investments: When our strategy aligns with a company’s, we provide equity to support the company’s growth.
  • Fund Investments: To build a portfolio of investments in sectors that serve those who need it most, the foundation also makes investments through intermediaries like investment funds. We act as limited partners in these funds where our strategies align.
  • Loans and Credit Enhancements: We provide low-interest loans to companies and nonprofits—offering the capital necessary to scale promising products and services that lift people out of poverty.
  • Volume Guarantees: We encourage increased production and reduced prices for our target populations by providing suppliers with volume guarantees. The foundation’s guarantee of a volume of sales over a specified period allows suppliers to focus on investing in production and reducing the cost of critical products, such as vaccines, drugs, and contraceptives, making them more available and affordable to people with the greatest need.

For additional information on how we pursue investment opportunities, please visit our Our Strategy page.