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Our investments accelerate growth and stimulate private sector innovation and investment, giving our partners additional tools to effect change and improve lives. We make investments that align with foundation issue areas from vaccine development to education in the United States.

More on the types of investments we make.

Here you can explore our current and past investments, filtered by issue area or investment type.

1mg Technologies Private Limited

1mg Technologies Private Limited is a digital consumer healthcare platform in India that provides online-to-offline services to help customers access medicines, diagnostics, and tele-consultations. The foundation invested in the Company to accelerate low-cost delivery of high-quality essential medicines and other Read More

Abbott Laboratories

Abbott Laboratories received support from the foundation to make its Panbio COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test available to low- and middle-income countries. Making high-quality, affordable rapid diagnostic tests with results available in 15-20 minutes is critical in the fight to control Read More

Achaogen Logo


Achaogen is focused on R&D and commercialization of antibacterials to combat multi-drug resistant, Gram-negative infections. The foundation’s investment is supporting the development of Achaogen’s monoclonal antibody (“mAb”) discovery platform.

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acrobatiq logo


The foundation invested in Acrobatiq, a leader in adaptive learning solutions, to support the growth of a next-generation adaptive learning, courseware, and analytics program.

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Adjuvant Global Health Technology Fund

The foundation has committed to further support the Global Health Investment Fund model by investing as an anchor LP in Adjuvant. Adjuvant is a private investment fund focused on late-stage life sciences investments to address global health challenges. The Fund invests Read More

Affinivax Logo


Affinivax achieves unprecedented levels of immune response and disease protection by streamlining the process of vaccine design and allowing for multiple antigens to be effectively incorporated in a single vaccine.

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Africa Health Fund

The foundation invested in the Africa Health Fund to provide capital to support new approaches to improving the quality and accessibility of private healthcare across the continent.

African Agricultural Capital Fund

The African Agricultural Capital Fund provides growth capital to companies that boost the productivity and profitability of smallholder farmers in East Africa.

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African Leadership Fund

The African Leadership Foundation is a U.S. 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to educate Africa’s next generation of young leaders. The foundation provided a loan to support the organization’s 2020-2021 school year objectives.   Investment Date: May 2020

AgBiome Logos


AgBiome is focused on discovery and development of biological and transgenic products for crop protection. AgBiome identifies microbes from a wide variety of sources to harness their natural abilities to help crops resist pests and stresses.

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AgTech Logo

AgTech Accelerator

The Agtech Accelerator is a start-up incubator based in Research Triangle Park, NC focused on fostering entrepreneurship in agriculture, supported by a syndicate of investors, including ARCH Venture Partners, Flagship Ventures, Hatteras Venture Partners, Bayer CropScience, Syngenta Ventures, and others.

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amyris logo


The foundation invested in Amyris to support the development of new, low-cost technologies for manufacturing compounds to make semi-synthetic artemisinin that can be used in anti-malaria treatments.

Anacor Logo

Anacor Pharmaceuticals

Anacor Pharmaceuticals developed and commercialized novel therapeutics with its boron chemistry platform. The foundation partnered with the team to support development of preclinical drug candidates.

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Arsanis Logo


Arsanis is focused on discovery and development of novel monoclonal antibodies (“mAbs”) to prevent and treat infectious disease. The foundation is working with Arsanis to develop a prophylactic mAb candidate targeting Stap aureus, a leading cause of neonatal sepsis which leads to approximately 345,000 annual deaths globally.

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Aspire Public Schools Logo

Aspire Public Schools

Aspire Public Schools is a Charter Management Organization (CMO) and a top-ranked school system for low-income students.

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Atreca is a biotechnology company that employs its proprietary discovery platform to generate and develop therapeutics based on its ability to rapidly characterize the human adaptive immune response at the single cell level.  The Atreca platform enables the high-throughput phylogenetic Read More

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AuroBindo Logo

Aurobindo Dolutegravir

Aurobindo Pharma, along with Mylan Laboratories, received support from the foundation to expand the distribution of a single-pill HIV treatment containing dolutegravir to low- and middle-income populations at a low price.

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Avanti Finance

Avanti Finance Private Limited is a Non-Banking Financial Company and financial technology platform in India focused on enabling financial inclusion and sustainable livelihoods through improved access to affordable, livelihoods-purpose credit for unbanked and low-income populations across the country. The foundation Read More

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The foundation partnered with private and public organizations to make Jadelle®, an effective, long-acting, reversible contraceptive implant, available to more than 27 million women in the world’s poorest countries at a more than 50 percent price reduction.

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China National Biotec Group

Beijing Bio-Institute Biological Products

Beijing Bio-Institute Biological Products is devoted to the research, development, production, and supply of biological products.

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BioE Logo


Pharmaceutical company Biological E identifies innovative approaches to reduce the cost of vaccine production.

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BioFarma received support from the foundation to expand access to its novel oral poliovirus vaccine type 2 (nOPV2) for the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.   Investment Date: April 2022


BioNTech is focused on combining ground-breaking research with cutting-edge technologies to develop pioneering therapeutics for cancer and other serious diseases. The Foundation is working with BioNTech on developing preclinical vaccines and immunotherapy candidates to prevent HIV and tuberculosis infection as Read More

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bKash Logo


Through its mobile payments platform, bKash helps to ensure access to a broader range of financial services for the people of Bangladesh.

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BloomBoard Logo


Software development company BloomBoard received funding from the foundation to help efforts in improving teachers’ instructional practices.

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Butterfly Network

Butterfly has created the world’s first handheld whole body ultrasound system to democratize healthcare and provide global access to medical imaging. The device is critical to the foundation’s vision of an ecosystem where hardware, software, data and expertise come together Read More

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CHAI (Clinton Health Access Initiative)

The foundation provided a guarantee to CHAI to structure volume guarantees to reduce the price and increase access to life-saving commodities in the developing world.

CGF Logo

Charter School Growth Fund Facility Fund

The Charter School Growth Fund provides strategic support to high-performing charter management organizations. Inclusive within its support, CSGF provided subordinated bridge loans to address the short-term financing gap CMOs face during construction.

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Charter School Growth Fund Facility Fund III

As a follow-on to the CSGF Facility Fund, the organization created a new fund in 2016, to broaden their lending to include early-stage operators, provide more proactive technical assistance and partner with other key stakeholders to remove barriers to affordable charter facilities and financing.

Civic Builders Logo

Civic Builders

Funding from the foundation and New Markets Tax Credits, alongside support from Civic Builders, built new schools in a bankrupt city where facilities assistance was otherwise unavailable.

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ClinVet Logo


ClinVet specializes in conducting clinical trials to understand and improve veterinary health products. With the help of the foundation, ClinVet was able to construct a new facility in Morocco to expand its capabilities to conduct trials for livestock products.

CropIn Technology

CropIn is a Bangalore-based company developing software-as-a-service for agriculture enterprises to drive efficiency in farming operations. The primary use-case is for agriculture businesses (food processors, contract farming companies) whose field agents use CropIn’s SmartFarm mobile app to periodically track farm Read More

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CureVac Logo


The foundation invested in CureVac to accelerate vaccine technology development, getting life-saving and low-cost vaccines to people who need them most.

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DKT Logo


Many people across the world lack access to safe and affordable contraceptives. To address this need, we provided a low-interest loan to help DKT International increase sustainable access to vital reproductive health products in developing countries.

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Eastside Prepatory School

Eastside Preparatory School is a college-preparatory school located in Kirkland, Washington. The foundation provided a loan to support an expansion of the organization’s campus. Investment Date: February 2017

Enko Chem

Enko Chem is an early stage agricultural life sciences company that is looking to apply DNA encoded library technology to identify and develop new, safer chemical compounds that protect crops from pests and disease. The foundation invested in the Company Read More

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Evolve BioSystems

Evolve BioSystems is an infant microbiome company dedicated to developing the next generation of products to establish, restore and maintain a healthy gut microbiome. The foundation is working with Evolve to further develop and apply its lead probiotic, Evivo, to Read More

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Exscientia AI Limited

Exscientia plc is an artificial intelligence-driven pharmaceutical company focused on discovering, designing, and developing drugs in a fast, efficient manner, with three AI-designed drugs that are in Phase 1 human clinical trials. The foundation invested in the Company to develop Read More

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Gavi / Serum

The foundation has partnered with Gavi and the Serum Institute of India (“SII”) to accelerate the manufacture and delivery of up to 100 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines for low- and middle-income countries. The collaboration was expanded in August 2020 Read More

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Genocea Logo


Genocea harnesses the power of T cells to discover life-changing vaccines and immunotherapies. The foundation partnered with the team to identify antigens for future malaria vaccines as T cell response is critical during the liver-stage of disease.

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Global Health Investment Fund (GHIF)

The foundation sponsored the creation of GHIF as a social impact investment fund to support the development of drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics for diseases that specifically burden low- and middle-income populations.

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Growth Markets Health Fund

The Abraaj Growth Markets Health Fund is an investment fund designed to address poor health outcomes caused by inefficient healthcare systems in Africa and Asia.


Halodoc is an online-to-offline (“O2O”) health delivery marketplace launched in 2016 and based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The Company aims to improve accessibility, affordability, and quality of healthcare for at least 100 million Indonesians by systemically addressing inefficiencies and resource misallocation Read More

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Hester Biosciences Africa Limited

Hester Biosciences Africa Limited (“Hester Africa”), a newly-formed Tanzanian company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hester Biosciences Limited (“Hester”), is building an animal vaccine manufacturing facility near Dar es Salaam. Hester has a 20-year track record manufacturing and distributing livestock Read More

immunocore logo


Immunocore develops innovative biological therapeutics that exploit the power of the body’s own immune system to find and kill diseased cells. The foundation partnered with the company to expand its focus into infectious disease.

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Intarcia Logo


The foundation invested in Intarcia to help prevent the spread of HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa and other areas where the HIV epidemic is most severe.

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Inventprise LLC

Inventprise is an innovative vaccine development company based out of Redmond, Washington that is focused on developing efficacious, affordable vaccines for global populations most in need. The foundation invested in the Company to advance its novel pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (“IVT-25”). Read More

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Just Biotherapeutics

Just Biotherapeutics is developing an integrated technology platform to accelerate the development and manufacturing of high-quality biologics at a significantly lower cost, to broaden global biologic access.


KIPP Houston

KIPP Houston is a Charter Management Organization (CMO) and a top-ranked school system for low-income students. The investment provided affordable facility financing to high-performing CMOs.

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kymab logo


Kymab has developed a proprietary mouse platform which contains the full range of human antibodies, leading to faster discovery of prophylactic and therapeutic monoclonal antibodies.

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Lilly mAb

The foundation partnered with Eli Lilly and Company to facilitate access to future Lilly therapeutic antibodies under development for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 for low- and middle-income countries as part of the COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator. The COVID-19 antibodies Read More

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Liquidia Logo


The foundation invested in Liquidia to support the application of Liquidia’s PRINT® technology to vaccine development for infectious diseases.

Lodo Therapeutics Logo

Lodo Therapeutics

Lodo Therapeutics is creating a best-in-class natural product drug discovery platform for the discovery, biosynthesis, and characterization of new, genetically encoded small molecules.


LumiraDx develops point-of-care diagnostics solutions on a portable, cloud-connected reader using finger-prick blood samples tested on disposable, microfluidic strips. The company is working to achieve lab-quality performance and health-IT integration at point-of–care settings globally. The foundation invested in the company Read More

Lyndra Therapeutics

Lyndra Therapeutics is developing an orally administered dosage form designed to deliver sustained, steady-state release of one or more drugs for up to a week or longer while temporarily residing in the stomach. The foundation invested in the company to Read More

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M-Kopa Logo


M-KOPA is a Nairobi-based, off-grid solar energy company, which makes residential power systems affordable and accessible to low-income, off-grid customers through a mobile payment-based lease-to-own model.

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Medical Credit Fund Logo

Medical Credit Fund (MCF)

The Medical Credit Fund provides loans and technical assistance to small primary care clinics in Africa. Through the loan fund, MCF expanded its lending and technical assistance across Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania.

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Merck Logo


The foundation partnered with private and public organizations make Implanon NXT®, a single rod, long-acting, reversible contraceptive implant, available in the world’s poorest countries at a more than 50 percent price reduction.

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Mylan Logo

Mylan Dolutegravir

Mylan Laboratories, along with Aurobindo Pharma, received support from the foundation to expand the distribution of a single-pill HIV treatment containing dolutegravir to low- and middle-income populations at a low price.

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OneLoad facilitates financial services for small merchants in Pakistan through its micro-retailer digitisation and payment platform. The foundation invested in OneLoad to scale its interoperable airtime and cash-in, cash-out services among low-income retailers and consumers.   Press Release

Orasure Logo


The foundation invested in OraSure to secure a reduced price for the saliva-based HIV self-test OraQuick.

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Owl Ventures Logo

Owl Ventures

Owl Ventures is a venture investment fund that leads Series A/B investments in US K-12 education technology companies.

PAHO and WHO logos


The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) is an international public health agency working to improve health and living standards in America.

Pfizer Logo


The foundation invested in Pfizer to expand access to the pharmaceutical company’s all-in-one injectable contraceptive, Sayana, giving women in the developing world an affordable option.

UN Foundation Logo

Pledge Guarantee for Health

The foundation provided support to the UN Foundation’s Pledge Guarantee for Health to improve procurement practices to avoid stockouts of family planning products in the developing world.


The foundation invested in Provivi to support the development and delivery of next generation crop protection products to address pests of relevance for small-scale producers in low-income geographies.

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Reach capital logo

Reach Capital

A healthy ecosystem of education technology products and services can strengthen K-12 public schools—providing new ways to connect students, teachers, and families.

Root Capital Logo

Root Capital

Root Capital provides agricultural enterprises with the capital and training they need to unlock their potential and become engines of impact in rural communities.

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Sanofi Logo (include a description of the image here)


The foundation partnered with Sanofi to secure a reduced price for Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV).

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SD Biosensor

SD Biosensor received support from the foundation to make its COVID-19 Ag Rapid Diagnostic Test available to low- and middle-income countries. Making high-quality, affordable tests with results available in 15-30 minutes is a critical tool to fight the pandemic. Investment Read More

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Sera Prognostics Logo

Sera Prognostics

Sera Prognostics, based in Salt Lake City, UT, is developing innovative diagnostic tests designed for the early prediction of preterm birth risk and other pregnancy complications.

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Stellapps Technologies

Stellapps is focused on the development of integrated software and hardware tools that allow dairy processors to manage their supply chains. The primary use case of the Stellapps’ technologies is at milk collection centers where individual SHFs sell their milk. Read More

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SwipeRx, formerly mClinica, is the is the largest network of pharmacies in southeast Asia connecting over 235,000 pharmacy professionals from 45,000 pharmacies.  SwipeRx pioneered the community-driven commerce model that unites the fragmented pharmacy channel on a single platform enabling them Read More

Synlogic Logo


Synlogic is a start-up company in Boston, developing a first-in-class synthetic biology platform for genetically engineering bacteria of the microbiome for delivery of therapeutics to the gut, initially focused on metabolic imbalance and inflammatory disease.

UNFPA Supplies

Alongside the UK’s Department for International Development, the foundation provided support to UNFPA Supplies to create a pool of flexible financing to improve reliable access to family planning commodities in low- and middle-income countries supported by UNFPA Supplies. Investment Date: Read More

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Unicef Logo

UNICEF Antivirals

The foundation provided support to UNICEF to create a pool of flexible financing to improve access to generic novel COVID-19 oral antivirals in low and middle-income countries.   Investment Date: March 2022

Unicef Logo


The foundation provided a volume guarantee to Novartis to reduce the price of oral polio virus vaccines in the developing world.

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Unicef Logo


The foundation provided support to expand UNICEF’s Vaccine Independence Initiative. This program allows countries to bridge-finance the procurement of vaccines while they await budget funds to be available.

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Unicef Logo


The foundation provided support to expand UNICEF’s Vaccine Independence Initiative. This program allows countries to bridge-finance the procurement of vaccines and other health commodities and UNICEF to procure COVID commodities in advance of country demand materialization and procurement. The financing Read More

UStar Biotechnologies Logo

Ustar Biotechnologies

Ustar Technologies is a diagnostics company developing a tuberculosis diagnostic to increase prevention against one of the leading causes of death worldwide.