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Our Investments

Our strategic investments help the Gates Foundation partner with companies and organizations to create incentives that harness the power of private enterprise to create change for those who need it most. We look holistically at problems we are trying to solve, or opportunities we want to pursue, and build an investment strategy to meet these needs. Sometimes, that can involve multiple investments to support a specific goal. It can also include a targeted investment that, for example, helps expand markets to reach people who need lifesaving technologies.

From initial exploration of the problem to implementing sound solutions, we work closely with our partners to find the right investment fit. Read on to explore our full set of investments and stories that highlight the impact we’ve sparked with partners across the world.

									Students in a lab at Everest Public High School


To address some of the world’s most pressing problems, we build strong partnerships that fund sound solutions, from vaccine development to innovation in education.

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Impact Stories

Our portfolio approach and investment strategies result in real impact for families and communities across the globe. These stories inspire us to continue striving for success with every investment.

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