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LumiraDx develops point-of-care diagnostics solutions on a portable, cloud-connected reader using finger-prick blood samples tested on disposable, microfluidic strips. The company is working to achieve lab-quality performance and health-IT integration at point-of–care settings globally. The foundation invested in the company Read More


Zyomyx is a private biotechnology company specializing in HIV CD4 diagnostics.

Vir Biotechnology

Vir Biotechnology is a newly-formed company based in San Francisco focused on finding innovative solutions to unmet needs in infectious disease.


The foundation invested in OraSure to secure a reduced price for the saliva-based HIV self-test OraQuick.

Mylan Dolutegravir

Mylan Laboratories, along with Aurobindo Pharma, received support from the foundation to expand the distribution of a single-pill HIV treatment containing dolutegravir to low- and middle-income populations at a low price.


Kymab has developed a proprietary mouse platform which contains the full range of human antibodies, leading to faster discovery of prophylactic and therapeutic monoclonal antibodies.


The foundation invested in Intarcia to help prevent the spread of HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa and other areas where the HIV epidemic is most severe.