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CropIn Technology

CropIn is a Bangalore-based company developing software-as-a-service for agriculture enterprises to drive efficiency in farming operations. The primary use-case is for agriculture businesses (food processors, contract farming companies) whose field agents use CropIn’s SmartFarm mobile app to periodically track farm activities, troubleshoot farm issues, and monitor harvest. The foundation invested in CropIn to help potentially millions of farmers gain access to proactive extension knowledge to improve their farm productivity and income. Additionally, the data CropIn collects is layered with remote sensing and machine learning on its SmartRisk platform to predict crop planting and yield patterns, globally. The foundation’s investment will also help CropIn determine the potential of SmartRisk to assess agriculture financial risk, aimed at improving access to formal, low-cost credit and crop insurance for millions of farmers – currently a significant barrier to increasing smallholder farmer incomes.

Investment Date: November 2018

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