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Adjuvant Global Health Technology Fund

The foundation has committed to further support the Global Health Investment Fund model by investing as an anchor LP in Adjuvant. Adjuvant is a private investment fund focused on late-stage life sciences investments to address global health challenges. The Fund invests Read More

Reach Capital

A healthy ecosystem of education technology products and services can strengthen K-12 public schools—providing new ways to connect students, teachers, and families.

Owl Ventures

Owl Ventures is a venture investment fund that leads Series A/B investments in US K-12 education technology companies.

Growth Markets Health Fund

The Abraaj Growth Markets Health Fund is an investment fund designed to address poor health outcomes caused by inefficient healthcare systems in Africa and Asia.

African Agricultural Capital Fund

The African Agricultural Capital Fund provides growth capital to companies that boost the productivity and profitability of smallholder farmers in East Africa.

Africa Health Fund

The foundation invested in the Africa Health Fund to provide capital to support new approaches to improving the quality and accessibility of private healthcare across the continent.